Public Assistants

Public Assistants are an enclave of interdisciplinary creators--a brave space for QTBIPOC to develop our collective understanding as a means of self-sustenance. A space for us and by us to skill-share, create, and cultivate joy. When we have the resources and community care needed to flourish beyond survival, the possibilities are limitless.

In the spirit of those before us, we seek to counter systemic inequity and neglect with solutions that are guided by creativity and community.
Through comprehensive services, outreach, education, and programming, we respond to the needs of those around us, and come from the communities we serve.

Capabilities include:

- Banners, sets, and media for protest and direct action
- Murals
- Radio Broadcast 
- Visual media (painting/drawing/photo/video)
- Garment design
- Sustainable green design
- Research and archive
- Art/creative direction
- Styling
- Production and set design

- Music and Performance

* All of our services to QTBIPOC members of the community are pro-bono and donation based.


Email: team@publicassistants.org

* For the time being all individual/private visits and consultations at  the Public Assistants studio
need be scheduled and confirmed in advance ︎︎︎


Public Assistants is a 501c3 and tax deductible entity. All gifts of donation go to directly support our general operations, public programs, and artist led initiatives. Donation receipts are available upon request.  For more information on donating, please email: donate@publicassistants.org